lake Humantay



Lake Humantay

In this beautiful water body located in Mollepata (2900 m) (Anta, Cusco), the snow thaws Humantay create a beautiful fantastic scenery! to which we can reach on foot (part of the path to the Salkantay) and enjoy the scenic beauty that counts this route between snowcapped mountains, lakes, flora and fauna so it can perform various adventurous activities like mountain biking around or stand - up paddling


  • 13°21'33.6" south latitude
  • 72°34'09.4" west longitude


The climate here is mild, and generally warm and temperate. In winter there is much less rainfall in Mollepata than in summer. The climate here is classified as Cwb by the Köppen-Geiger system. The average temperature is 14.5 ° C in Mollepata. 1005 mm rainfall here averages.


It is a destination of sinigual adventure in Cusco, which keeps the Apu Salkantay route, an attraction that moves with the beautiful landscape and saves years of history in archaeological sites. .this lagoon formed by the melting of snow and Salkantay Humantay presents a unique landscape of the district of Mollepata (Anta).