Cuzco Cathedral



Cuzco Cathedral

Cuzco Cathedral or Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption is the main temple of the city of Cuzco, in Peru and hosts the headquarters of the Diocese of Cuzco. The Cathedral Basilica of Cuzco, next to the temples of Triumph and the Sagrada Familia form the ensemble of the Cathedral, is located in the northeast sector of the current Plaza de Armas of Cuzco. In the place that was the Sunturwasi, Palacio del Inca Wiracocha. The complex occupies an area of 3956 m2. It is the largest religious monument in the historic center of Cuzco


Cathedral of Cusco is located on the north side of the Plaza de Armas of Cusco it has a rectangular design made up of 14 stone pillars carved in andesite. In the central nave is the main altar engraved in silver and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption

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The first cathedral of Cuzco is the Triumph Church, built in 1539 on the basis of Viracocha Inca palace. Today, this church is an auxiliary chapel of the Cathedral. Cuzco Cathedral, like Lima, is a temple of three ships with two chapels and flat front.