Carmen Alto viewpoint and yanahuara



Carmen Alto viewpoint and yanahuara

The Yanahuara set of beautiful arches of ashlar built in the nineteenth century by the location in which it is located, is a must for all visitors, allowing admire the beautiful white city of Arequipa, with a panoramic view of three volcanoes (Misti,Chachani and Pichu Pichu).


  • 16°23'14.2" south latitude
  • 71°32'28.9" west longitude


Open 24 hours


anahuara is one of 29 districts dela province of Arequipa, it is characterized by its narrow streets and houses with kitchen gardens stale. The legendary Villa de Yanahuara is one of the most representative neighborhoods of the city of Arequipa, adjoins the city center and is part of the main tourist attractions of the province given its rich architectural heritage, composed mainly of three monuments declared: the temple convent of San Juan Bautista and the Mirador, next to the main square. It also has 40 buildings and 18 urban environments with monumental value as well as 6 sculptures scattered over the arches, covers feet square and streets made of ashlar carving and bronze.