Archaeological complex


Archaeological complex

The archaeological complex of Pisac is situated on top of a hill from where much of the Sacred valley. It is composed of groups of platforms and architectural structures scattered on the slopes and at the top of the hill. According to archaeologist and ethnohistorian John Rowe, Písac would have been part of the heritage of the Inca Pachacutec, who could have ordered its construction. Due to its location and its specific characteristics, we can say it was an Inca center of great importance.


  • 13°25.35′ atitude South
  • 71°50.8002′ west longitude


Weather in Pisac is known as a local steppe climate. There is not much rainfall in Pisac throughout the year. The climate classification Köppen-Geiger is BSk. The temperature here is on average 13.4 ° C. Precipitation here averages 530 mm.


Pisac, there are 16 agricultural sectors with advanced systems platforms. They have one of the most impressive and beautiful walls, made up of huge blocks perfectly polished. The most impressive is located north of the complex. They also emphasize the platforms located east of the complex and the platforms located less height southwest of the complex towards the village of Pisac