Archaelogical complex


Archaelogical complex Qenko

Sacsayhuaman to The Qenko, or Kenko, archaeological complex is located approximately 2 miles from Cusco. This ceremonial center has a monolith 20 feet high at its center which is shaped like an animal, a huge stone, a semicircular amphitheater and a group of rocks with mythical images carved on them in praise of Mother Earth.

Qenko consists of two areas: the large area next to the road Sacsayhuaman to Pisac, and the small area of a quarter mile back, showing traces of high walls, a circular design and the stones carefully cut. This sacred site occupies over 35,000 square feet and is located in what is today known as Socorro Hill.


  • 13°30'37.247" south latitude.
  • 71°58'18.304" west longitude.


Mean temperatures range between 4.2 ° C and 19.6 ° C.


It is composed of two locations: El Grande, located at the foot of the road from Sacsayhuaman to Pisac; and El Chico, which is 350 meters west of the above, on the hillside. This shrine is located on what is now known as the Socorro hill and covers an area of just over 3,500 square meters. At the time of the Inca Empire was another center dedicated to the rite and are of particular interest amphitheater semicircular and its underground galleries.