Salkantay Mountain

Salkantay Mountain is one of the highest mountains in the region of Cusco, along with Ausangate in the Vilcanota mountain range which is located further sur.No without hesitation, however, is the greatest in its splendid isolation and the greatness of his two-headed mole, with the addition of one of the mountains of this magnificent Andean region have higher technical problems all its aspects. This is demonstrated by the six itineraries open to date by the various aspects of this white giant.


  • 13°20′01″ south latitude
  • 72°32′40" west longitude


Weather Salkantay is very sunny during the day but cold at night. The temperature drops below 0 ° C at night during the months of June through September. In season from December to March is rainy reason why the trail is closed during these months.


It is the 38th highest peak in the Andes and the highest 12th of Peru. However, it is the second highest in topographic prominence in the country, after the Huascaran. Salcantay is a high peak and steep, the most spectacular peak in the region, with great vertical relief, particularly on the low valleys to the north which are tributaries of the Amazon River.