Temple of San Blas



Temple of San Blas

It is the oldest parish church in Cusco. Built in the ancient Inca neighborhood "T'oqokachi" in the year of 1563, the most striking quality of this tourist enclosure is that it contains a spectacular pulpit carved in cedar wood, which is the most striking artistic woodwork Churrigueresque Spanish. Its elaboration is attributed to indigenous hands.


Plaza San Blas s / n. Cusco - Peru

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Adults. S/15.00

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The original chapel of San Blas erected in one of the first parishes in Cusco (first half of the sixteenth century, in 1562, erected by provision enforces the Corregidor of the Cusco Polo Ondegardo who was chronicler, as bishop of Cusco Fray Juan de Solano ), chapel then was gradually transforming into a larger building, which after the earthquake of March 31, 1650 became an important temple that began to be decorated with sumptuous artwork.