Temple of Santo Domingo



Temple of Santo Domingo

Was Juan Pizarro, brother of the conqueror, who gave the congregation the field of Aboriginal temple, after having received in the distribution of solar occurred in October 1534.El first prior of the convent of Santo Domingo was Fray Juan de Olias, who came to occupy a group of missionaries came from México.Su construction took him several years to this community, finally being officially consecrated in 1633.

In 1650 the earthquake caused such severe infrastructure damage convent, leaving intact the Coricancha Inca. Reconstruction delayed until 1680Esta Church has three naves with a cupola, a beautiful choir stalls for the choir carved in cedar, the walls are adorned with Sevillian tiles.


Av. El Sol and Calle Santo Domingo

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8:00AM -5:00PM


The bell tower was built between 1729 and 1731 and is one of the few cusqueñas important buildings dating from the eighteenth century. The two outer covers are classic, and is likely to remain partly primitive design. Its purity of line continues to contrast with the robust carved tower, which reflects the maturity of cusqueño Baroque style. Its Solomonic columns, ornately carved, show a marked late baroque and relate to the cover of Jesus Maria who may belong to the same author. As for the colonial period stands out for having a Renaissance façade and a fine collection of paintings cusqueñas.