Square of san pedro



Square of san pedro

The San Pedro plaza consists of a free area between Market Street San Pedro and Santa Clara . He was part of the old pampa of San Pedro or Qhasqaparu, which later became the mall Santa Clara, on which was built -in the 1920s the central market of San Pedro.


Tupac Amaru streets and Cascaparo

San Pedro Market

San Pedro market in Cusco is located about five minutes walk south of the Plaza de Armas, but could not be more different. On the walk, usually you will notice more and more street vendors and ladies in traditional clothing sitting on the side of the street selling nuts, popcorn and other small bags of dry food. You will see more and more local shops (stores) that sell as many random things in the store. If you want a jumper alpaca, a freshly prepared juice, a bag of nectarines, some bananas for frying, buttifaras (ham sandwiches served on French bread) or some corny gifts for your parents or friends at home, you are definitely on your way to correct place!


The current church was built between 1688 and 1699 on a previous church destroyed by the terrible earthquake that devastated Cuzco in 1650. Once inside, let your eyes adjust to profuse displays of artwork in gold-plated frames. Then take your time to admire the works. Begins by noting the strength and expressiveness of the two murals of the main entrance. Work of the Peruvian painter Luis de Riaño XVII century, represent the way to heaven and the way to hell.