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The Temple of Merced

The Temple of Merced known as the Minor Basilica of La Merced located one block from the Plaza de Armas of the Imperial city belongs to the Order of Mercy. The temple is characterized by its three floors with magnificent basilica baroque altars on the sides and a neoclassical style in the main altar.

The basilica is notable for the choir stalls, colonial paintings and polychrome wood carvings, despite the restructurings that suffered the temple shows off its beautiful cloisters of Baroque style. The patron of the church is the Virgin Mary of Mercy born in Spain in the thirteenth century.


(Av El Sol 1010, Cusco 08000) .Ubicada en la Plaza Bolognesi.

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mercedaria custody

The most beautiful monstrance in Latin America is exhibited inside one of the rooms of the main cloister of the convent of La Merced. It's an incredible job of jewelry made with gold and precious stones, with a total weight of 22 kilos of weight and 130 centimeters tall. It has 230 grams of gold and silver, and 1538 pieces ocnas diamond gems, 628 beads (including the 2nd world's largest), 312 amethyst, emerald 3, 1 topaz and dozens of rubies and other; custody has carved including angels at the top of the Virgin in the center, the siren below and sheep near the foot of custody.