Uros Floating Islands



Uros Floating Islands

The floating islands of the Uros are a set of habitable artificial surfaces constructed of reeds, an aquatic plant that grows on the surface of Lake Titicaca.

The islands stand on a portion of the surface of Lake Titicaca, overlapping blocks of roots Cattail on which tend successive layers of woven or woven into mats cattail. Its inhabitants, the aurochs, are an ancient people who currently focuses on the plateau of Collao and Peru on the floating islands in the bay of Puno.


  • 15°49'14.6 South latitude
  • 69°58'27.2" west longitude


To reach the islands will have to take a boat leaving the port of Puno. They can be hired armed or reach the port and find out about the outputs tours.


Tours depart in the morning 7 ~ 9: 00 am.

The tour to the Uros islands takes about 3 hours.