City Nazcas



City Nazca

Nasca is a Peruvian city located in the south central region of Peru, capital of the province of Nasca, located on the right bank of Aja River, a tributary of the Rio Grande. Located 450 km south of Lima, in a narrow valley at 520 meters.

Nasca is a very active city, due to the influx of tourists visiting daily the ancient Nasca lines, and also for development in mining, agricultural and commercial boom in the area. It has an estimated 39,054 inhabitants by 2015 population.


  • 14°50'08.1" south latitude
  • 74°55'56.7" west longitude


It has a warm and mild climate. The summer temperature exceeds 35 ° C (January-March), and winter temperatures are generally about 9 ° C. Due to the warm climate throughout the year, Nasca is known as the city of eternal summer.

First cultures

The Nazca culture, with similar coordinates development of Paracas which had flourished between the years 700 a. C. and 200 d. C., covers a timeframe between 100 d. C. and 600 d. C.3