Square of the Nazarenas



Square of the Nazarenas

Plaza Nazarenas is a small square just 1 block from the main Plaza de Armas inCusco. To get just follow the cobbled street to the left of the main Cathedral (standing in the main square facing the Cathedral in front of you, is the street on the left going uphill) As you go down the street you will pass the Museum Inka on your left, well worth a visit.


  • 13°30'54.5" south latitude
  • 71°58'38.2" west longitude


Also worth visiting the Fallen Angel restaurant, an exclusive and unique bar / restaurant famous for its nightly theme parties. Located right on the corner of the Hotel Inkaterra La Casona and the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, this restaurant is worth a visit if it were only for the crazy decor: flying pigs in the bar, a large painting of a sleeping cherub and tubs full of life fish . Excellent cocktails but the food has mixed reviews.


Plaza de las Nazarenas surrounded by colonial buildings built on Inca foundations, was part of the old Yachaywasi ( 'house of knowledge'). Its main buildings include the novitiate and the former headquarters of the San Antonio Abad University (now Hotel Monasterio) and, with them, the church of San Antonio Abad, built in the s. XVII. Also they stand the church and Beaterio de Las Nazarenas.