Archaeological complex


Archaeological complex of Raqchi

Racchi (Quechua: Raqchi) is an Inca archaeological site located in the district of San Pedro in the province of Canchis (Cuzco, Peru). The archaeological site is also known as the Temple of Viracocha because of its emblematic buildings. It is located near the town of Racchi and the Vilcanota River. The site has experienced a recent increase in tourism, with 83,334 visitors to the site in 2006, compared with 8,183 in 2000 and 452 in 1996.


  • 14°10′30″ south latitude
  • 71°22′00" west longitude


Raqchi records an ecological floor Quechua belonging to varied climate; temperate and dry in autumn and winter seasons (April- October), rainy and humid in spring and summer seasons


It is divided into 5 main sectors besides an artificial water reservoir in front of the temple and a wall surrounding the entire complex