Chapel San Antonio Abad



Capilla San Antonio Abad

The ancient church of San Antonio Abad, in conjunction with the seminar of the same name, are Catholic buildings that are located in the district of Cusco, in the province and region of the same name. This church was built on what was once an Inca palace.


Avenida de la Cultura n° 1480 Cusco- Perú

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Don Antonio de la Raya and Navarrete, fifth bishop of the Diocese of Peru, five months after entering the Cusco, founded a seminary school in this city on August 1, 1598 to educate and train young people who wish to enter the priestly life, especially the descendants of the conquistadors empobrecidos.Se began with 80 students by granting 24 scholarships supported by the various provinces which at that time belonged to the diocese: Cusco, Huamanga, Huancavelica, Arequipa, Camana, Carabaya and Arica. His first director was the Pbro. Dn. Hernan Perez de Soria. Possibly it worked, since its founding in the current plaza of Las Nazarenas, where he remained until 1965. The teaching on this campus focused on the doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas and the defense of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary