Ausangate or Auzangate is a mountain of the Vilcanota mountain range in the Andes of Peru .With an elevation of 6.384 meters, is located about 100 kilometers southeast of Cusco, in the region of Cusco, province of Canchis, district Pitumarca, and in the province of Quispicanchi, Ocongate district.

The region is inhabited by communities of grazing llamas and alpacas, and is one of the few remaining pastoralist societies in the world. Pastors use high mountain trails to trade with farming communities in the lower elevations. Currently, one of these trails, "the way of Apu Ausangate" is one of the most recognized in Peru Treks.


  • 13°47'26.7 South latitude
  • 71°13'56.9" West longitude


The day temperature is degrees Celsius 11 to 13 hours and descends from 4 to 10 degrees Celsius in June and July.


The area has four main geological features, the Andean uplift formed by granites, hanging glaciers and glacial erosional valleys, Permian formation with its unique colors: red, ocher and turquoise and Cretaceous limestone forests.