Inca ceremonial fortress


Inca ceremonial fortress

Sacsayhuaman is one of the most amazing buildings around the world, it is thought that construction began during the government of Pachacutec and continued for another 70 years until Túpac Yupanqui; It is the work of more than 20,000 men who removed stones from the quarries of Muina, Huacoto and Rumicolca and moved 20 km up the hill from the city of Cusco, where they were transformed into the wall that you can see now; and unknowingly, one of the most mysterious places on the planet. The stones of the wall are so well embedded that between them can not be a pin; Is not it amazing? Well then know they are united "for nothing"; any amalgam, glue or any kind of mortar keeps together.

Some studies claim that Sacsayhuaman may have been built by pre-Inca cultures; so, you may be there before the city of Cusco became the capital of the empire of the Incas.

Another of the great enigmas that has the "Sacsayhuaman Fortress" is that it has been discovered that what a sundial is believed, is probably writing 3,000 years old; This rewrite the history of "Sacsayhuaman Inca"


  • 13° 20' 22" South latitude
  • 71° 59'19" west longitude


In Cusco, the difference in the seasons is not very strong, but it has two distinct seasons: rainy season from November to March and dry season from April to October. In Cusco the average temperature fluctuates between 11 ° C and 13 ° C on sunny days the temperature reach 20 ° C.


The south side of the building is limited by a polished wall approximately 400 m long, east and west are limited by other walls and platforms. The main wall is built in zigzag with gigantic stones up to 5 meters high, 2.5 meters wide and between 90 and 125 tons, its size should astonish both people of that time, as it does now with anyone visiting Sacsayhuaman. Move rocks of that size must be a superhuman effort, but fit them the way they were built, looks like the work of beings from another planet, not that we say so, there are theories that Sacsayhuaman was built with the intervention of aliens.